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City/County Building Accessibility Upgrades

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2015, the North entrance of the City/County Government Center will be closed and not accessible to the public or government employees. 

On Monday, March 23, 2015, construction will begin to upgrade the North entrance of the City/County building.  The upgrades will include an elevator and vestibule area to create a more handicapped accessible entrance. 

With the North side entrance closed as a result of the construction, alternate public and employee entrances can be found on the East (Macy St.-handicapped accessible) and West (loading dock) side of the building.    

Additionally, a section of the North side public parking lot will be blocked off, which will result in the loss of 12 parking spaces. Alternate free public parking may be found along Macy and 2ndStreets during construction. 

The Payment Drop Box at the North entrance will be removed during the upgrade, however; the Drop Box on the East side (Macy St.) of the building will still be available. 

The upgrade is scheduled to be completed near the end of July, at which time the North side entrance will reopen.

For any questions regarding te upgrade, please contract the City Engineering Division at 920-322-3470.

Construction Projects
The Engineering Division oversees several construction projects that occur within the City of Fond du Lac every year.  The Engineering Division is responsible for designing, plan preparation, specifications, bidding, and the inspection of the storm, sanitary sewer, and water systems, street improvements, bridge maintenance, sidewalk reconstruction, and other miscellaneous public works projects.
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