From the Office of Fond du Lac City Manager Joseph Moore.

Because the health crisis involving the Coronavirus (COVID 19) continues, extraordinary changes are required in city operations to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus within our community.

We continue our commitment to continuity of operations for essential services.  However, the following changes have been implemented in an effort to keep the public and our staff safe:

  • Quarantined two employees
  • Canceled or postponed all PR events
  • Implemented procedural changes with 911 Dispatch to better communicate possible cases of coronavirus
  • Minimized fire inspections that go into at risk occupancies
  • Canceled Public Safety Tours
  • Canceled Public Safety Ride-alongs
  • Assessor is minimizing public contact by avoiding interior inspections. They will continue exterior inspection and gather information and pictures via email or phone. Timeline for open book and board of review may be adjusted at a later date, if necessary.
  • Canceled Municipal Court Initial appearances through April 19th
  • Canceled Juvenile Hearings at the High School while the school is closed
  • Canceled Municipal Court trials for March
  • Offering opportunity to conduct Municipal Court Pretrials by email
  • Canceled the March 23rd Leadership Meeting; will be re-scheduled to the fall
  • Changed meetings held in the ITS Conference Room to teleconference
  • Replacing on-site voting previously scheduled at nursing homes with absentee voting
  • Monitoring available polling places for closings requiring changes in locations
  • Increased push to the public to sign up for absentee voting has been successful so far
  • Ordered hand-sanitizing stations for polling places
  • Recruiting replacement of election workers for those at-risk poll workers who are cancelling
  • Instead of sending Officers, CSOs, Detectives, etc, to respond to calls for service or conducting follow up, we are conducting as much Police business as possible over the phone, via email, etc.
  • Canceled the Citizen’s Academy that was in session
  • Department members have been discouraged from bringing people into the confines of the Police Department unless they absolutely must do so
  • Officers have been directed to use PPE when dealing with anyone they believe might be ill
  • Closed the Police Department lobby Drug Drop Box
  • Discontinued providing fingerprinting services
  • Canceled most Police Department training scheduled through April
  • Closed all library locations and buildings
  • No library materials will be available for checkout; items placed on hold will not be available
  • The library will adjust due dates for all materials to allow an extra 30 days as well as allowing fine-free check-in through May 1
  • Online services will be available to library cardholders such as Wisconsin Digital Library, TumbleBooks and Language Learning Online will continue to be available 24/7
  • Closed the Senior Center until further notice. The senior center staff has arranged for the dining program to be transitioned into a “to-go meal” for those who typically participate
  • Water Utility has eliminated the practice of non-essential home visits
  • In addition to wearing PPE, Transit is also doing additional cleaning of buses, putting caution tape around the queen’s chair (non-ADA bench directly across from driver), and will be suspending morning and afternoon additional routes (Routes D & E) beginning Monday, March 23, 2020. This will lessen the exposure for the drivers
  • Parks has increased the schedule and procedures for bathroom cleaning. Pavilion bathrooms will be closed—except when rented—until the busier time of the season
  • Parks Department is allowing renters to receive their money back within the two week window for canceling the rental of the Pavilion, at least until April 13th
  • Cashiers are temporarily waiving the fee for payments made over the phone to discourage the need to pay in person

As this crisis is changing daily, our plans will likely continue to evolve as well. We will do our part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, but we must do this together. Please follow the recommendations from healthcare providers to wash your hands often, do not touch your face, keep your distance from others, and self-quarantine if you feel ill or may have been exposed. If you are experiencing symptoms, or worry you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, please call 844-225-0147 from 7am-5pm for more direction from health officials before going to a healthcare facility.


Emergency Declaration issued 03/17/20