From the Office of Fond du Lac City Manager Joseph Moore.

In response to the recent Supreme Court ruling, we begin the transition from orders to guidelines.  Accordingly, while there are no restrictions for businesses and their customers, we strongly encourage everyone to follow the guidelines of the CDC, local public health, and WEDC as part of safely reopening.  We will be coordinating with organizers of larger gatherings and events as we also encourage them to adhere to those same guidelines.

As a reminder, the lifting of the restrictions does not nullify the risks associated with COVID-19. We urge you to continue to practice preventative measures to keep yourself and others safe: wash your hands often, do not touch your face, keep your distance from others, avoid mass gathering and activities, wear PPE when close contact is unavoidable, and self-quarantine if you feel ill or may have been exposed. If you are experiencing symptoms, or worry you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, please call 844-225-0147 for more direction from health officials before going to a healthcare facility.


Coronavirus Update – Press Release 5