From the Office of Fond du Lac City Manager Joseph Moore.

While we all follow the impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19), as your City Manager I want you to know that your safety is our top priority. The following principles will guide our operations and any decisions related to the threat posed by the coronavirus with the understanding that this is a situation, which will likely be changing by the day or even the hour, and that our city team will be constantly monitoring updates and then disseminating that information to our employees and to the public as appropriate.

  1. Provide services to the fullest extent possible given unprecedented circumstances.
  2. Maintain continuity of operations that support the critical services we provide such as:
    1. Providing safe drinking water
    2. Treating waste water
    3. Enforcing the law
    4. Preventing and fighting fires
    5. Providing ambulance service to injured and sick people
    6. Collecting garbage
    7. Providing public transit
  3. Prevent the spread of the disease by practicing hand hygiene, self-quarantine and social distancing.
  4. Protect members of our community with a focus on the four groups at greatest risk:
    1. those who may have been exposed
    2. those who have chronic health challenges
    3. those who are currently sick
    4. senior citizens
  5. Encourage all members of our community to be informed and practice healthy behaviors by following CDC recommendations found at
  6. Respond with agility to the fluid and changing nature of the situation.
  7. Provide clear communications to our employees and our residents.

Remember,  if  you  desire  to  reduce  your  contact  with  others,  consider  voting  absentee,  paying  your  bills  online  and  contacting  city  staff  members  via  email  or  by  phone,  which  is  information  available  at  our  website

If you are experiencing symptoms or worry you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, please call 844-225-0147 from 7am-5pm for more direction from health officials before going to a healthcare facility.