The City of Fond du Lac is working with Camoin Associates to analyze the housing stock and housing market within the City of Fond du Lac, inventory existing housing resources, identify gaps in the local housing market, identify trends that may affect the housing market over time, and develop strategies to address the current and future needs of the community, with the overall goal of ensuring that housing opportunities are provided for households of all types, ages, and income levels. The Housing Study & Action Plan will be the first detailed and comprehensive housing-related study undertaken by the City and will be used to guide residential investment and development into the future.

As part of continued efforts to enhance the quality of life and being an attractive place to live, work and play, the City is looking to understand the current and future housing needs and identify an action plan for addressing gaps and pursuing opportunities.  In January 2021, the City adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan that contained a number of strategies for addressing housing supply and affordability issues. The completion of a housing needs analysis and market study to provide the data and information necessary to develop a comprehensive housing strategy was a high priority task, as the City has never undertaken a comprehensive housing study.  The City desires a deeper understanding of local housing needs and issues within the community for all types of housing at all price levels, so that it can develop appropriate strategies to address them.

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