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Sidewalk Management Program
The City’s Sidewalk Management Program is an annual program which enables the City to maintain safe sidewalks for pedestrian travel.  The City is divided into ten target areas.  Each year, as the City budget process allows, a target area is inspected for sidewalks which have become cracked, raised or sunken creating a pedestrian hazard.  Sometimes a certain hazardous area has been reported to our office due to a trip or fall resulting in an injury.

Each year, usually in the fall, sidewalks are inspected in one of the target areas and hazardous sidewalks are marked with pink paint. Shortly after the first of the year, the sidewalk replacement program is bid with the project awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.

Inspection Reports are mailed to all property owners whose sidewalks have been marked. These inspection reports explain what the estimated costs will be if the property owner chooses the City's contractor to perform the replacement. The property owner is also given the option of hiring another contractor to do the repair or repairing the sidewalk themselves.  Included is a form for the property owner to indicate which method of replacement will be used.  The form needs to be returned to the Engineering office within twenty (20) days.

The City contractor usually begins work in May or June with a target completion date of September 30th.  A final invoice is mailed to the homeowners by the City Comptroller Division approximately the end of October. This bill explains payment options which include payments spread out over five years, with interest, for charges over $500.00.
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