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Roundabouts – WI DOT
Modern roundabouts are the newest form of intersection in the United States. Many roundabouts can be found in Wisconsin, including Oshkosh, Sheboygan, West Bend, and Green Bay and soon to be constructed as part of the Pioneer Road Underpass project.

Roundabouts provide safe and efficient traffic flow and make use of extensive safety and traffic research conducted over the past 25 years in other countries.

Today's roundabouts are much smaller than the "traffic circles" of earlier years.

Roundabouts move traffic safely through an intersection because of slower speeds, fewer conflict points and easier decision-making.
Parking restrictions can be located throughout the City of Fond du Lac. Some parking regulations are covered by Wisconsin State Law, while others are governed by local City ordinance. All parking restrictions must be supported by state law or City ordinance in order for them to be enforced. Proposed parking restriction requests are submitted to the City Engineer, reviewed by the Advisory Traffic & Parking Board, and then the City Council.
Traffic Control
The Engineering Division is responsible for traffic control throughout the City of Fond du Lac. The City Engineer is responsible for overseeing traffic engineering studies, specifications for traffic control installations, temporary traffic control on public projects, and the handling of requests and/or complaints on traffic matters.
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