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Michael L. Grota, Grota Appraisals, LLC
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    Monday - Friday: 7:45am - 4:30pm
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Assessment Year Calendar

Annual Assessment Cycle

June - February:
The City Assessor's staff is out in the field inspecting properties per recent building permit changes and/or recent sales activity. Any associated property record updates are made as of the effective assessment lien date of January 1.
Important Dates in Assessment Administration

January 1 - Annual Assessment Lien Date.
All assessments are made as of January 1 each year. The City of Fond du Lac is currently on a 4-year assessment revaluation cycle. The last revaluation update to an approximate 100% of market value for all properties was conducted for the January 1, 2014 assessment year.

March 1 - Property Tax Exemption Request Deadline. Those parcel owners seeking an exemption from property taxes under Wisconsin Statute s. 70.11 must submit a Property Tax Exemption Request form (PR-230) on or before March 1 during the year for which they are seeking the exemption.

March 1 - Annual Statement of Personal Property Due. All persons or entities conducting a business activity in the state of Wisconsin are required to file an annual "Statement of Personal Property" (form PA-003) with the municipal assessor on or before March 1. These forms are used to report the business personal property assets that are owned and/or used to conduct their business activities in that local jurisdiction. The business owner must fill in the separate schedules on this form noting all business personal property located in that municipality as of January 1. The business owner as of January 1 of each year will be responsible for the Personal Property Tax billed in December of that year, even if the business closed or was sold after January 1.
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