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News & Notices

Residential Photo Updates


The City of Fond du Lac would like to notify residents and property owners that our Assessor staff will be updating external photos of some residential properties throughout the city this summer. The Assessor staff members will be wearing City of Fond du Lac ID badges, should you see them taking photos in your neighborhood. If you have any questions, please contact the Assessor’s office directly at 920-322-3410.

Annual Open Book Session

The City holds an "Open Book" session each year so property owners and other interested parties can inspect and ask questions about the newly published annual assessment roll. Held in the spring, usually late April, the Open Book provides a specific time set aside for property owners to leaf through the printed copy of the assessment roll books that have been delivered to the City Clerk. These books are available on our front counter. Property owners or their authorized agents also have an opportunity to schedule an appointment to meet with our staff in our office to go over questions and concerns in a one-on-one format.

The Open Book is held in conjunction with the annual Board of Review meetings when the finalized roll is submitted to the Board for their review and approval after all formally filed objections to the assessments have had a hearing before them.
Annual Board of Review (BOR)

The Board of Review date is generally scheduled mid to late May.
Annual Inspection Season

The City Assessor's Office staff has begun the 2019 city wide market update revaluation.

The Notice of Assessments are typically mailed early April to all property owners who have a change in value from the previous tax year.

Staff members will start, in early June, field review of parcels with new building permits issued in the current year or those from prior years that were not completed as of January 1. We will also field-review most properties that have had recent market sales activity to ensure that our assessment records accurately reflect the characteristics of the property at the time of the sale. All inspections will take place during the typical work week, Monday through Friday, and run through the end of the winter months so that we have an opportunity to update our electronic assessment records as needed for the January 1 assessment date.

All City Assessor’s Office staff members have photo ID badges and will wear them during this field work. Our staff will announce themselves at the front door at the start of their visit and inform the property owner or occupant of the reason for their visit and how they will conduct the inspection of their property. Depending on the assignment, the inspection needed may either be a full interior/exterior inspection or an exterior-only inspection. There will also be a set of questions to ask the property owner for both permit work and sales verification. If a property owner is not home or unable to answer the door when we arrive, our staff will leave a sticky note on the door informing them of the date/time of the visit as well as the reason for the visit. They will then proceed to conduct the exterior portion of their required inspection depending on the assignment. If we need to inspect the inside of a home or business, we will also indicate that on the note so you can call to schedule an appointment for a subsequent inspection visit at your convenience. Our office can be reached Monday through Friday, 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM to schedule a follow-up inspection during these same business hours.

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