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City Bus Rider's Guide

1. Study the individual routes to see which bus route serves your area and where you want to go. Note the timetable listed with each route.

2. Locate Monday-Friday service schedule. The times shown below each sub-title indicate when the bus will arrive at that location. If you are boarding at a location between two time points, use the earlier time as a guide. Listed on the map are key points of interest for your convenience.

3. Riders should go to a nearby numerically numbered bus stop sign. In some areas, where there are no bus stop signs, the bus driver will stop at your hand signal. Please wave for drivers to stop at or near intersections only. If possible, choose a corner where the entire bus can be pulled to the curb for safer, more convenient boarding.

4. The name and number of each bus route is displayed on a large sign above the windshield of each bus.

5. When you first board the bus, place the fare into the fare box. Exact fare is appreciated. Bus driver will make change up to $1.

6. Sometimes you may need to use two city buses to get to your destination. In this case you need to pay your fare on the first bus you board and then ask the driver for a free transfer to the next bus.

7. When you see that the bus is nearing your destination point, you should pull cord running alongside the window to let the driver know that this is where you want to get off.

8. The Transit Shelter Center serves as a transfer point for all city buses.

9. If you’re not familiar with our routes or need assistance, call for transit information at 920-322-3650 (24 hrs). Tell the information operator where you wish to travel, and we will help you plan your trip. We will also mail you pocket schedules with maps, schedule details, and transfer points and fare information.
On every city bus is a destination sign located above the front window of the bus. These designate the route number the bus will travel. Double check this destination sign for your correct route number when entering the bus.
If you have lost something on the bus, give us a call at 920-322-3650 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Beyond listed hours an answering service is available. Leave a description of the article along with your name and telephone number.
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