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Lynn Gilles
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    530 Doty Street
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    Phone: 920-322-3650
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    M-F: 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m

Fond du Lac Area Transit believes you should enjoy your trip and arrive safely. To ensure this, we've set up some basic rules of conduct for all passengers. Those who don't ride by the rules are subject to removal, citation or arrest.

Take a seat if one is available and remain seated while bus is moving.
Hold on if it is necessary for you to stand.Give your seat to persons who, because of age or physical conditions, are less able to stand than you are.
Be reasonable about the size and number of bundles that you bring on the bus, especially at an hour when it is likely to be crowded.
Secure all strollers and carts.
Tell bus driver, when boarding, if you need to transfer.

Smoke or chew tobacco.
Play any radio, tape recorder, electronic devices, or musical instruments except through an ear phone.
Use loud or offensive language.Put your feet on the seat, on the back of the seat, or against the wall.
Push, shove, run, jump, or throw objects within the bus.
Engage in any activity which would distract the bus driver's attention from the operation of the bus.
Abuse, threaten or attach any other passenger, or bus operator.
Engage in any lewd or offensive conduct or indecent exposure.
Stand forward of any area marked by a white or yellow line behind the bus driver, or stand in the front or rear bus stepwall.
Place anything on the floor that may roll or move when unattended, including but not limited to skateboards, roller skates and balls.
Let strollers or carts roll away from you. (Strollers and carts must be secured.)
Make any marks, etchings, cuts or otherwise damage or deface seats or other Fond du Lac Area Transit property.
Bring animals, except for service animals, aboard unless restricted as not to pose a hazard to the passengers.
Carry onto the bus hazardous material, such as uncovered glass, gasoline, solvent, open glue, unsheathed knives or other sharp tools or implements that could cause injury or damage to others.
Refuse to cooperate with bus driver or representative of Fond du Lac Area Transit in the event of a violation of funds, an emergency, or enforcement of rules.
Refuse to obey posted notices, signs, or other written communications directed to passengers which have been placed in Fond du Lac Area Transit buses by Fond du Lac Area Transit management.
Bring onto the bus any guns or other firearms.
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