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Community Services

Community Service Officers
The Community Services Officer (CSO) is a non-sworn position with the Fond du Lac Police Department. The CSO is appointed by the Chief and is expected to represent the Department in a professional manner. The CSO position has the responsibilities to report, investigate and enforce law violations during incidents and calls for service in the City of Fond du Lac along with other duties of the CSO Program.


  • - Take appropriate action when witnessing violations of laws and/or ordinances to include bike and parking violations.
  • - Answer all calls dispatched and conduct necessary investigation or inquiry into them. To remain impartial during the investigation and take appropriate action to alleviate the complaint.
  • - Special Events/Assignments
  • - Rides, Walks, Parades, Radar Throw, Undercover Operations, Directed Area Patrols
  • - Watch Program participation.


  • - Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with co-workers, supervisors and the public.
  • - Ability to use dialog effectively as an intervention option when performing duties.
  • - Ability to complete departmental forms and to write clear, concise and complete reports.
  • - Ability to mediate between individuals or groups during disagreements.
  • - Serve as a positive example to others in the community.
  • - Basic mathematical skills.
  • - Ability to apply situational reasoning by exercising good judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory or judgmental criteria.
  • - Ability to use discretion and yet remain consistent and fair.
  • - Ability to operate a variety of office equipment including laptop/personal computer, telephones, copy machines, etc.
  • - Ability to operate a variety of police equipment including motor vehicles and radios.
  • - Ability to coordinate eyes, hands, feet and limbs in performing semi-skilled movements such as data entry.
  • - Ability to exert moderate to extreme physical effort in a varying work-level environment - running, jumping, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling.
  • - Ability to handle, finger and feel.
    - Ability to lift, carry, push and pull.
  • - Ability to recognize and identify degrees of similarities and differences between characteristics of color, forms, tastes, odors, textures, etc., associated with objects, materials and ingredients.
  • - Ability to adapt to environmental factors. - temperature variations, odors, toxic agents, violence, noise, vibrations, wetness, disease and/or dust, to work under mildly to highly unsafe and uncomfortable situations.

For more information contact Lt. David LeCaptain at (920) 322-3705.


 Auxiliary Police

The City of Fond du Lac Auxiliary Police Volunteers is a specialized unit and division of the Fond du Lac Police Department. The unit provides a police presence at car shows, company and church picnics, the Walleye Weekend Festival, Fondue Fest, as well as many other public and private events throughout the year. The unit covers football, basketball and hockey games, school dances, as well as other school functions. The unit is also utilized for various areas of directed patrol within the City, Christmas park patrol and is on call for emergencies such as large fires, tornadoes, floods, missing persons and major traffic problems. The unit also volunteers their time for all City parades and special events.

The unit currently consists of 14 active officers, captain, lieutenant and two sergeants.

The Auxiliary Police meet once per month and discuss past and upcoming events. All officers have a continued training program which includes proper techniques in self defense, handcuffing, OC pepper spray, effective communications and legal updates. The officers are issued uniforms and all necessary equipment.

The Fond du Lac Auxiliary Police Unit has proven to be very successful and will continue to provide and maintain the highest level of service to the community. Many of the Auxiliary officers have gone on to become full time officers with the City of Fond du Lac and other police agencies.

For more information or to inquire about becoming a part of this team contact Captain Aaron Goldstein at (920)322-3704. There is an ongoing application process for the Auxiliary. Completed applications should be mailed to:

Captain Aaron Goldstein
Fond du Lac Police Department
126 N. Main Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935


Contact: D.A.R.E. Officer Erik Foster - (920) 322-3746

The City of Fond du Lac Police Department has been instructing the D.A.R.E program to Fond du Lac youths since 1990 both in the public and parochial school systems. Currently, the program is only taught at St Mary’s Springs, to both 5th and 7th grade students.

Since D.A.R.E’s inception in 1983, the program has been revised numerous times. The most recent update was in 2012 with the brand new Keepin’ it R.E.A.L  program that is currently being taught. The program in a 10 week based curriculum focusing on good decision making, bullying prevention and resistance techniques. The R.E.A.L acronym stands for Refuse Explain Avoid Leave. Four key resistance techniques that help students resist the pressures to use alcohol and drugs along with making good/healthy decisions. 

D.A.R.E is funded solely through donations and community support.  Anyone interested in finding out more about the City Of Fond du Lac’s D.A.R.E program can contact Officer Erik Foster at 920-322-3746.


Chaplain's Program

Occasionally police officers are called into situations where they sense a spiritual counselor would be helpful. Initial police assistance in these situations is important, but extended involvement keeps the officer away from other urgent situations. For this reason, clergy from the Fond du Lac area have joined forces with the Fond du Lac City Police Department to provide a Chaplains Program.

The Police Chaplains offer spiritual guidance and assistance to people who find themselves in a crisis situation. They also serve as a link of communications between the citizens and their own spiritual advisors. If those who receive counseling ask for further assistance, the Police Chaplain will coordinate such follow-up guidance as is necessary.

The Police Chaplain is an aid to the police officers and the citizens of Fond du Lac through a field service ministry that provides spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. This includes putting people in contact with the appropriate agencies to assist them.

For More Information Contact
Officer Ragan Pecore
920-322-3700 x1040

The Fond du Lac Police Chaplains Program became operational on June 1, 1994. It was organized as a volunteer ministry for all clergy in the Fond du Lac area that were interested. At that time we began with 25 clergy from the area. It is offered as a public service to the citizens of the Fond du Lac area. Original doubts of some police officers were quickly erased as the officers throughout the City began to utilize the Chaplains' services.

The head Police Chaplain is appointed by the Chief of Police under the advisement of the Chaplain's Liaison Officer. The Assistant Police Chaplains are also appointed by the Chief of Police under the advisement of the head Police Chaplain.

The Police Chaplains Program is made up of clergy representing all the major religious faiths in our community. Each Chaplain is on duty for a 24-hour period each month. Their time is completely donated.

The Police Chaplains assist the law enforcement agencies in the Fond du Lac area. Law Enforcement Officers request the Police Chaplain in situations involving spiritual or emotional issues rather than issues involving law violations.

Citizens may request counsel with a Police Chaplain by calling the Police Department or contacting the Police Chaplain's office at (920) 929-7562. A Police Chaplain regularly provides help in areas of:
- family disturbances
- lonely and despondent persons
- alcohol and drug abuse problems
- suicide attempts
- death notification
- pastoral care and counseling for police officers and their families
- counsel with injured persons and family

There is no charge for any of the services of the Police Chaplains. They are offered as a public service by the Police Chaplains themselves and the Fond du Lac City Police Department.



The City of Fond du Lac is the proud host of Law Enforcement Explorer Post #9647.

The Explorer Post is a joint effort between the City of Fond du Lac Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America. The program is intended to give males and females from ages 14-20 the opportunity to explore law enforcement as a possible career choice.

The Explorer Post meets on the third Tuesday of every month. During these monthly meetings, Explorers will receive hands-on training from Fond du Lac Police Officers in areas such as handcuffing, crime scene investigations, proper evidence handling, traffic control, proper radio communication, conducting traffic stops, and when to shoot/not shoot.

Explorers are invited to participate in the Ride Along program that the Fond du Lac Police Department offers. In this program, Explorers will ride along with an officer for a portion of their shift and get to see what it is like to be a police officer and what some duties and responsibilities of the job are.

The Explorer Post assists the Police Department with various community service projects including parades, fireworks, Fond du Lac's Walleye Weekend and other public events. The Explorer Post also assists the Police Department by assisting officers at crime prevention displays and fingerprinting of children and manning crime prevention booths.

Explorers wear uniforms that are issued by the Post and a duty belt with various pieces of equipment based on the hours they provide to the post.

The Explorer Post participates in various Explorer Competitions held throughout the state in events such as vehicle contacts, shoot/don't shoot, crime scene investigations and physical agility.

Contact Us:

Advisor - Officer Michael Gales (920) 322-3700, x1016

Explorer Voicemail (920) 322-3700, x1952

Citizen's Academy
The Citizen's Police Academy is a program designed to give participants a working knowledge of the Fond du Lac Police Department. It is not a "training" class, but it is an exciting informational class. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the Fond du Lac Police Department. The Citizen's Academy program was designed under the premise that an informed community is a safer community. Informed and educated citizens will be more supportive of police officers and the Department, and they will be more proactive within their own neighborhoods. The Citizen's Academy consists of a series of classes and discussions held once a week on a designated evening for approximately three hours per class. It is hoped that all graduates of this class will get to know more about the men and women who are protecting their community and why they make the decisions they do while performing that duty.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page for the application. 
For more information contact Captain Aaron Goldstein at (920) 322-3704.
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Listen to KFIZ every Friday at 9:10 a.m. for the inside story about the news and activities inside the Fond du Lac Police Department and the world of law enforcement. Calls are welcome at (920) 923-1450. Officer Erik Foster and Wade Bates on Behind the Badge.


Officer Foster may be reached at
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