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Bulky Waste Disposal

Bulky Waste Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Pick up service is available for bulky waste items. Please telephone 322-3544 to schedule pick up of bulky waste items. The charge is $40 per cubic yard with a $40 minimum.  If the items picked up include any of the following, additional charges will be:
$25 for freon items
$15 for microwaves
$2 per car tire
$10 per truck tire
$15 per tractor tire

Drop off service is available for bulky waste items. Effective January 4, 2016 the Department of Public Works Bulky Waste Drop Off Site, located at 530 Doty St. continues.

Winter operating hours as follows:(December 1 – March 31)

Monday       9:00 to 3:15

Tuesday      Closed

Wednesday  9:00 to 3:15

Thursday     Closed

Friday         9:00 to 3:15

Saturday     Closed

Revised Fee Structure Effective January 1, 2016:

1. There is a charge $20 for a single use of the site.

2. Cash and checks are accepted at the site using an envelope system similar to that at the city’s boat launch facilities.

3. No change is available at the site and the office is not open evenings or weekends.

4 We offer a ten use pass, or punch card, which is transferrable, for $175.

5. The former policy of offering unlimited use of the Bulky Waste Drop Off site for a single fixed fee is no longer in effect.

6. Prior fees of $25 for Freon items, $15 for microwaves and tire fees are still in effect and will be charged in addition to daily use fees.

7. Credit and debit cards will only be accepted in the Municipal Service Center office during regular office hours.

8. Single use passes and punch cards will be available at the City Clerk’s office and the Municipal Service Center, but not evenings or weekends.

9. Contractors are not eligible to use the site.

10. Construction debris is not accepted at the site.

11. Daily and ten use passes require proof of residency.

12. Only metal items for recycling may be dropped off for free. Cardboard and paper for recycling require a daily fee.

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