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General Information

Building Inspection

The Inspection Division is a function of the Community Development Department. Inspection staff provide code information and assistance for new construction, remodeling or expanding an existing structure, or changing the use of an existing structure. Inspectors provide information regarding city ordinances for fences, garages, gazebos, storage buildings, swimming pools, temporary land uses and signs.

The City of Fond du Lac has adopted State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Codes.

The Inspection Division is responsible for plan review, permit issuance and inspection of construction for compliance with building, electric, heating and plumbing codes. The Division also enforces City ordinances relating to property maintenance, zoning and floodplain regulations.

The municipal code includes chapters for zoning, building, plumbing, heating and electrical standards, as well as regulations for housing and property maintenance.  The code is a searchable document; a link is provided on the BUILDING INSPECTION page of this website.  Please contact the Building Inspection Division at (920) 322-3570 with questions regarding City regulations.  

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Good to Know...

Temporary structures and carports are not allowed with in City limits.

There are several reasons for this. Temporary structures/carports do not meet the criteria of an approved structure, as they are not considered permanent structures. Per City ordinance, the general appearance and construction materials of a structure shall resemble the residence; which is not the case with a temporary structure. In addition, you are unable to regulate the construction of a temporary structure creating a potential safety hazard. Temporary structures/carports are not structurally sound, and also tend to deteriorate quickly and are unreliable. For example, a strong windstorm could easily damage a temporary structure or even cause it to be blown away causing damage to neighboring properties.

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Top FAQs for Building Inspection

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  • 5. How do I determine if a building permit has been issued for construction?