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Library Page – Circulation

The work involves routine clerical and support tasks assigned by the Support Services Coordinator. The work is distinguished from that of the Clerk position in that it does not involve more complex clerical tasks associated with direct service to the public. Tasks listed below are for illustration purposes only. The exact duties may vary according to an employee’s schedule. They are not exclusive and do not constitute a contract. A regular schedule of evening and/or week-end hours, including Sundays, may be required.

A. Provides collection maintenance and circulation support services
1. Empties materials from return bins and outdoor book drops
2. Checks in and sorts materials
3. Arranges materials in proper alphanumeric order onto carts for re-shelving
4. Shelves books and all other materials from carts onto public shelves in proper order
5. Inspects (“reads”) stacks and other shelving units to insure that materials are in proper order and corrects any problems discovered
6. Keeps stacks and shelves orderly by properly aligning materials and adjusting support brackets and bookends
7. Shifts materials and dusts and cleans shelves
8. Clears abandoned materials from public areas; shelves materials in their proper places or deposits them on sorting carts in work room
9. Searches stacks for reserves, claimed returned and mis-shelved items
10. Sorts mail; checks in newspapers and puts them out for public use
11. Cleans keyboards, monitors and other equipment
12. Removes outdated issues of newspapers and magazines as assigned
13. Cleans lightly soiled books, repairs loose book covers
13. Provides backup service at the checkout desk

B. Assists in the closing of the library building
1. Straightens public furniture; clears abandoned items
2. Tactfully warns patrons library is closing
3. Checks and locks appropriate doors throughout library
4. Evacuates bathrooms
5. Records turnstile count

C. Performs physical processing of books and other materials
1. Places covers and labels on books or other materials
2. Inserts A/V materials in proper containers
3. Replaces worn or lost containers for A/V materials
4. Mends books by gluing spines, taping pages, replacing covers, etc.

D. Performs other duties of a similar nature as assigned


A. Knowledge and Skills
1. Ability to sort and shelve books and other materials in proper alphanumeric order
2. Ability to pay close attention to detail
3. Ability to follow instructions and properly complete assignments given by Supervi-sor or other appropriate staff
4. Ability to work cooperatively with others
5. Must exhibit a positive attitude and personal qualities necessary to produce high quality public service
6. Must be of legal working age and obtain a work permit if under 18

B. Education/License/Certification Requirements
1. Minimum 1 year of high school

C. Physical Requirements
1. Standing, walking, stooping, climbing, and reaching
2. Talking and hearing
3. Far vision at 20 feet or further and near vision at 20 inches or less
4. Handling: picking up and shelving materials
5. Fingering: writing, sorting, applying labels
6. Lifting, carrying: 30 pounds or less
7. Ability to push or pull a cart of materials on wheels weighing 60 – 80 pounds
8. Ability to go up and down stairs up to ten times an hour


Book cart and book bin
Step stool
Paper cutter
Compact disc cleaner

Schedule:  Varies weekly, and will include daytime and evening shifts, as well as an every other weekend rotation; averages 19.5 hours/week annually.

Salary – $8.33/hour

To be considered, please complete the application materials and return to:

Jackie Braatz –
City of  FDL Human Resources
160 S. Macy Street
Fond du Lac, WI  54935

Deadline: August 23, 2019

Equal Opportunity Employer

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