Law Enforcement Explorer Post #9647

The City of Fond du Lac is the proud host of Law Enforcement Explorer Post #9647.  The Explorer Post is a joint effort between the City of Fond du Lac Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America. The program is intended to give youth/young adults from ages 14-20, that have graduated 8th grade, the opportunity to explore law enforcement as a possible career choice.

The Explorer Post meets once or twice a month. During these monthly meetings, Explorers will receive hands-on training from FDLPD Officers in areas such as handcuffing, crime scene investigations, evidence handling, traffic control, radio communication, traffic stops, and more.

Explorers, over age 18, are invited to participate in the FDLPD Ride Along program. In this program, Explorers will ride along with an Officer for a portion of their shift and get to see what it is like to be a Police Officer.

The Explorer Post sometimes assists the FDLPD with various community events like parades, fireworks, and Walleye Weekend to mention a few. Explorers wear uniforms that are issued by the Post and a duty belt with various pieces of equipment for meetings and events.

The Explorer Post also participates in various Explorer Competitions held throughout the state in events such as vehicle contacts, shoot/don’t shoot, traffic stops, crime scene investigations and physical agility.


Contact Us:
Advisor – Officer Marcus Clapper (920) 322-3700, Ext. 1073 (Email:

Co-Advisor – Officer Brooke Mathes (Email:

Co-Advisor- Officer Alex Malueg (Email: