Law Enforcement Addiction Assistance Program

What is LEAAP?

Heroin and prescription opioid drug abuse is a public health crisis which has caused record numbers of overdose deaths and contributed to increases in drug-related crime.  There are many resources available in Fond du Lac, but understanding how to access these services can be difficult.  With strong community support and the recognition that addiction is not a crime, the Fond du Lac Police Department will address the needs of any person who comes to the department requesting help with their opiate addiction.

The Fond du Lac Police Department hopes to improve the quality of life for program participants and their families by encouraging addicted individuals to seek help without fear of arrest or prosecution.

How Do I Get Help?

Anyone interested in LEAAP should contact the Fond du Lac Police Department and request help with your opiate addication.

Officers will contact a C.A.R.E. recovery coach to meet with you at SSM Health ER waiting room.  Transportation to the ER will be provided by officers if needed.

Amnesty for Illegal Drugs and Paraphernalia

Amnesty will be granted for those who volunatrily turn in opiates, heroin or paraphernalia. Any other violations of the law related to the participant will be dealt with accordingly.  If any other criminal issues exist, officers will refer the matter to the Fond du Lac District Attorney’s Officer for evaluation.

Participation in this program is voluntary.

For more information, please contact LEAAP Coordinator Officer Erik Foster at (920)322-3746 or the 24 hour Dispatch Center at (920)906-5555.