We are excited that we are open!  We continue to navigate our “new normal” – working through the post Covid-19 pandemic.  If you haven’t been in our Center since March of 2020, you will notices that some things are not the same.   Some of the main changes:

  • The lobby is open from 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m., and you’re welcome to stop in to sign up for programs or meals, purchase 2022 Dine Out Books, renew your membership to our Friends organization, and ask questions or find information about community resources.  The office area, including staff offices, is closed to the general public and will remain that way permanently.
  • Masks continue to be welcome, but not required.
  • We ask you to please stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to Covid.  This will help keep us and your peers safe.
  • Tables, chairs, door handles, and other common touchpoints are cleaned regularly.
  • When possible, we position seating so people are comfortably spaced from other participants.  Naturally, this is not possible for groups where participants are playing a game at the same table.  We also keep tables spaced further apart than before Covid, as well as limiting attendance to some programs and activities.
  • Some of the areas within the building are still being used to store extra furniture.
  • The shelves of books have not been put back out.
  • Hand sanitizer is available by both of the doors leading to the front parking lot.
  • Courtesy, respect, and kindness continue to be the key to a successful Center. By entering our Center, you are accepting our Code of Conduct and agreeing to abide by it.  As before, it is posted by our entrances.  We are hopeful we will not have to address any issues that violate that Code.
  • Individuals may bring in a water bottle and are welcome to refill it at our water bottle refilling bubblers (yes, we’re in Wisconsin so we can call it a bubbler :))
  • No personal property may be left in the Center. Any items remaining after a program will be donated or discarded.
  • Activities will adhere to scheduled times. All programs must end by 3:00 p.m. in order to give us time to clean and sanitize.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. You can reach me at (920) 322-3632.