• Police Department

Chief William Lamb

Chief of Police

Email: wlamb@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700

Steven Thiry

Assistant Chief of Administration

Email: sthiry@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700

Steven Klein

Assistant Chief of Operations

Email: sklein@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700

Pat McKeough

Captain, Criminal Investigations Division

Email: pmckeough@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700

Aaron Goldstein

Captain, Support Services

Email: agoldstein@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700 ext. 3704

Jon Gutzmann

Captain, Central District Commander

Email: jgutzmann@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700 ext. 1124

Robb Duveneck

Captain, West District Commander

Email: rduveneck@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700 ext. 1150

Jason Laridaen

Captain, East District Commander

Email: jlaridaen@fdl.wi.gov
Phone: 920-322-3700 ext. 1127

Melissa Schofield  |  Administrative Assistant  |  920-322-3706  |  mschofield@fdl.wi.gov
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