Bike Patrol

The Fond du Lac Police Department’s Bike Patrol Team is comprised of over 30 Police Officers that are trained and certified in bike patrol applications and techniques.  Police Officers ride the bikes from April through October as an alternative to patrolling in squad cars.  This allows officers to proactively patrol downtown, congested areas, special events and problem areas in the city.  Bike Patrol also allows for more direct interaction with citizens of the community.  The Bike Patrol has been active since 1990.

Bike Patrol is an extremely useful tool in Law Enforcement.  The Fond du Lac Police Department uses bicycles to proactively patrol hard-to-reach areas where squad cars have difficulty.   Bike Patrol Officers are deployed at all times of the day and are not limited to any area of the city.  If there is a known neighborhood problem, Bike Patrol can be used to conduct covert operations or, in some cases, simply let their presence be known.  During special events such as Walleye Weekend the Bike Patrol Officers are invaluable.  Officers can respond quickly to disturbances and have been utilized in finding lost children on many occasions.

Bike Patrol is also used in our parks and high traffic areas.