When Fond du Lac was incorporated as a village in 1847 two constables were elected each year.

When the city charter was obtained in 1852 city marshals were appointed each year. In 1866 the legislature abolished the office of city marshal, and the police force came into existence. Each year from 1866 to 1885 the Common Council elected the police chief and policemen. In 1885 the law was changed by the creation of a Police and Fire Commission to manage these departments.

In 1866 the first jail and police barn were built. Police headquarters were in the council room. In 1890 the jail and police barn were remodeled, and headquarters were moved into that building. This station was abandoned in 1921 and a store building was remodeled, and headquarters were moved into that location. In 1954 the present City-County Safety Building was built to house both city and county police agencies at 180 S. Macy Street. In October of 2001, the Police Department relocated to the former Alliant Energy Building at 126 N. Main Street.

The Department now consists of 79 sworn officers, including the chief, and 10 civilian employees. Our Department is committed to a culture of understanding, compassion, and professionalism. We place a tremendous value on community and neighborhood engagement with the understanding that public safety is a shared responsibility and that police cannot do it alone. We work collectively to build trust and break down barriers between police and our community for a stronger and safer community for ALL people.  We believe that problem solving, customer service, and community partnerships is the foundation to be able to deliver a level of service that exceeds the community’s expectations.

City Marshalls (1852-1866)
1852             C.N. Snell
1853             F.P. Homiston
1854             John Case
1855             I.W. Bowen
1856             Daniel Banks
1857-1858   Charles Arlin
1859             E.S. Hammond
1860             B.F. Midgjey
1861              Charles Van Norder
1862-1863   John Dobyns
1865              Phillip Zipp
1866              Louis Ledoux
Chiefs of Police (1867 to Present)
1867-1868               James T. Conklin
1869                         James O’Connel
1870-1871                I.N. Welch
1872-1873                James Swineford
1874                          Timothy Hardgrove
1875-1880               G.A. Kretlow
1881-1882               C.F.P. Clough
1883-1884               G.A. Gretlow
1885 (4 months)      John Gill
1885 (8 months)      Jos. Como
1886-1888               G.A. Kretlow
1889-1891               Barney McDermott
1892                         H.W. Eaton
1893                         Thos. McGrath
1894-1896               Sealy O’Conor
1897-1898               Thos. McGrath
1899-1900               Simon Schaefer
1901-1922                F.A. Nolan
1922-1944               James J. Silgen, Sr.
1944-1945               Elmer H. Kahn
1945-1946               William Muellner
1946-1963               James D. Cahill
1963-1975               Harold J. Rautenberg
1975-1990               Melvin E. Heller
1990-1999              Daniel Bord
1999-2003             Duane Johnson
2003-2011             J.A. (Tony) Barthuly
2011-2021              William B. Lamb
2021 – Present      Aaron T. Goldstein