Chaplain’s Program

Occasionally police officers are called into situations where they sense a spiritual counselor would be helpful. Initial police assistance in these situations is important, but extended involvement keeps the officer away from other urgent situations. For this reason, clergy from the Fond du Lac area have joined forces with the Fond du Lac City Police Department to provide a Chaplains Program.

The Police Chaplains offer spiritual guidance and assistance to people who find themselves in a crisis situation. They also serve as a link of communications between the citizens and their own spiritual advisors. If those who receive counseling ask for further assistance, the Police Chaplain will coordinate such follow-up guidance as is necessary.

The Police Chaplain is an aid to the police officers and the citizens of Fond du Lac through a field service ministry that provides spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. This includes putting people in contact with the appropriate agencies to assist them.

For More Information Contact
Officer Jesse Pimental
920-322-3700 Ext. 1074

The Fond du Lac Police Chaplains Program became operational on June 1, 1994. It was organized as a volunteer ministry for all clergy in the Fond du Lac area that were interested. At that time we began with 25 clergy from the area. It is offered as a public service to the citizens of the Fond du Lac area. Original doubts of some police officers were quickly erased as the officers throughout the City began to utilize the Chaplains’ services.

The head Police Chaplain is appointed by the Chief of Police under the advisement of the Chaplain’s Liaison Officer. The Assistant Police Chaplains are also appointed by the Chief of Police under the advisement of the head Police Chaplain.

The Police Chaplains Program is made up of clergy representing all the major religious faiths in our community. Each Chaplain is on duty for a 24-hour period each month. Their time is completely donated.

The Police Chaplains assist the law enforcement agencies in the Fond du Lac area. Law Enforcement Officers request the Police Chaplain in situations involving spiritual or emotional issues rather than issues involving law violations.

Citizens may request counsel with a Police Chaplain by calling the Police Department or contacting the Police Chaplain’s office at (920) 929-7562. A Police Chaplain regularly provides help in areas of:

  • family disturbances
  • lonely and despondent persons
  • alcohol and drug abuse problems
  • suicide attempts
  • death notification
  • pastoral care and counseling for police officers and their families
  • counsel with injured persons and family

There is no charge for any of the services of the Police Chaplains. They are offered as a public service by the Police Chaplains themselves and the Fond du Lac City Police Department.