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Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Information is available at:  1-800-398-2403 or at:

Community Notification occurs through a variety of means and at several levels.  Provisions within the law requires the Department of Corrections (DOC) to maintain a database of registered sex offenders.  Information stored in the database is accessible on a limited basis by victims, neighborhood watch programs and the general public.  All information available in the database is accessible by law enforcement via the CIB/TIME system or through direct request to the DOC Sex Offender Registry Program (SORP).  Additionally, DOC provides special notification to law enforcement about offenders that meet the criteria who are scheduled to be released from prison or mental health institutions. This notification is called Special Bulletin Notification (SBN).

Special Bulletin Notification (SBN) is an active, written notification process whereby law enforcement officials in the county and areas of the offender’s residence, employment or school enrollment, will receive detailed information from the DOC SORP on a specific offender prior to their scheduled release from confinement.
Wisconsin law does not require special bulletin notifications for all offenders released from prison or a mental health facility. The overall purpose of the SBN is to highlight those cases that may pose a significant risk to the community. The SBN provides advanced notification to law enforcement officials, as well as information regarding the offender’s offense pattern and specialized rules of supervision. In addition, the Bulletin serves as a mechanism to begin a local decision-making process to determine the level, scope and method of community notification, if determined necessary.

What You Need to Know About Your Reporting Requirements as a Registered Sex Offender in Wisconsin

Sex Offenders must keep the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry informed about residence, work/volunteer, school and any e-mail or instant messaging identifiers.

To contact the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry:

Mailing Address:  Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry PO Box 7925 Madison, WI 53707-7925

Phone:  608-240-5830 or 888-963-3363 Fax: 608-240-3355


Sex Offender Reporting Requirements (2014)