Complaint on Personnel Forms

The Fond du Lac Police Department understands the importance of having a trusting relationship with our community members.

We know there will be times when members of our community may not agree with the decisions we make, or an employee may not act appropriately.  We encourage citizens to contact us if there are concerns and a supervisor will meet with you.

We take complaints very seriously and see them as opportunities to improve our service, identify employees who may not act appropriately, or educate the public on police procedures and our decision making.

We also know some people may not be comfortable meeting with us in person.  To allow those people the opportunity to voice their concerns we have attached a form that can be completed and dropped off or mailed directly to the Assistant Chief of Police/Administration.

If you want to commend an officer or have a concern, but do not wish to file a complaint you may contact the Department directly at a secure email address and we will respond

Citizen Complaint Process

The Fond du Lac Police Department has an obligation to investigate allegations of misconduct to protect the integrity of the agency and its employees and to instill public confidence in the agency.  All complaints of misconduct will be thoroughly investigated by a supervisory member of the department.  To make a complaint, you need only contact the department and explain that you wish to complain about an employee’s conduct.  You may do so by appearing at the department or by forwarding a written account of your complaint to the Assistant Chief of Police/Administration.

Upon receipt of your complaint, an investigation will be initiated.  To facilitate the investigation process, you may be asked to provide a written statement describing the employee’s conduct.  In addition, you may be subpoenaed and required to testify under oath in a civil or criminal proceeding, as the employee involved may be subject to discipline by the Fond du Lac Police Department and/or prosecuted for violations of the law.  Finally, malicious and deliberate false accusations are occasionally made against the agency or its employees.  Knowingly filing a false report of misconduct against a law enforcement officer is a violation of the law and is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 pursuant to Wisconsin ss946.66