Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of 41 Police Officers spread across 3 different shifts.  They handle approximately 50,000 calls for service per year, including self-initiated activity.  The Patrol Division is responsible for protecting approximately 43,000 citizens over 18 square miles of jurisdiction. Many Officers within the Patrol Division are involved with other department specialty units including SWAT, Field Training, K9, Tactical Field Force, Honor Guard, Sex Offender Compliance Team, Street Crimes, Motor and Bike Units.

The City of Fond du Lac utilizes a District Command model of policing – with a very strong emphasis on problem solving POPS (Problem Oriented Policing), intelligence/data analysis and community-based policing. The City is divided into three geographically based districts:

  • Central
  • East
  • West

Each of the three districts is overseen by a Patrol Captain who serves as the District Commander. In addition, each district has two Patrol Lieutenants assigned to it. All officers are assigned to work in one of these districts.

POP’s/District Policing is a collaborative law enforcement approach that is geographically based that combines problem-solving policing, information sharing, and police accountability, with enhanced intelligence operations..

It also builds relationships and trust between the Officers assigned to a specific district and the people who live and work in that district. When that trust is earned, it fosters into greater information sharing between the police and the people in the neighborhood of the district which leads to a safer community.

East-West-Central District Contact Info