Joseph P. Moore
Joseph P. MooreCity Manager

Joseph P. Moore

Fond du Lac has a Council-Manager form of government. This form of government was adopted in 1957 when the citizens voted for a new city charter. Fond du Lac’s current City Manager is Joseph P. Moore. Mr. Moore began his duties with the City of Fond du Lac in September of 2012.

The City Manager is the chief executive of the City and is responsible for the administration of the all City departments and operations and ensuring that these services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The City Manager, as chief executive, signs all contracts and official documents, makes appointments to City boards and commissions, and submits the annual budget to the City Council. The City Manager also represents the City’s interests before state and federal legislative bodies. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is accountable to that body.

The City Manager advises the City Council in policy matters and carries out the policies adopted by the Council at its meetings. The City Manager also keeps the City Council informed on the activities of City departments by weekly reports. Occasionally, the City Manager will prepare special reports pertaining to community needs or problems and submit them to the City Council for policy direction.

The City Manager’s Office is located on the fourth floor of the City/County Government Center, 160 S. Macy Street, Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Phone: 920-322-3407.

Responsibilities and Authorities of the City Manager

Although the legal authority of the Council and the Manager are clearly separated in Wisconsin, under the spirit of the Council/Manager form of government, policy formulation is the purview of the Council and the Manager should strive to carry out Council’s intent. The following is a summary of the provisions of Chapter 64 Wisconsin Statutes with respect to the relative responsibilities and authorities of the City Manager:

  • Shall be the Chief Executive Officer and have charge of the executive side of the city government and shall be responsible for the efficiency of its administration.
  • Shall possess and exercise all executive and general administrative powers imposed and conferred by general law or special charter upon the common council and upon the various boards, commissions, and officers.
  • Shall have the power to create minor administrative offices and positions and to discontinue such offices and positions according to his judgment of the needs of the city.
  • Shall have the power to appoint all heads of departments, all subordinate city officials, and all city employees and remove such appointees at any time their services or the conduct of their offices becomes unsatisfactory to him. However, Section 62.13 confers powers on the Police and Fire Commission and the Fire Chief and Police Chief.

Citizen Questions, Comments and Concerns

The City of Fond du Lac is responsive to citizen needs and inquiries. If you have a question pertaining to City services please contact 920-322-3407. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.