Bulky Household Items

For City of Fond du Lac residents ONLY, various bulk household items can be taken to drop off at the Municipal Service Center – 490 Doty Street. The fee structure is as follows:

  1. Waste that fits in a 95 gallon waste receptacle: NO CHARGE
  2. Waste loaded in a car or SUV $10.00
  3. Waste loaded in a pickup or van $20.00
  4. Waste loaded onto a single-axle trailer $20.00
  5. Waste loaded onto a double-axle trailer $40.00

Additional Fees:

  1. Freon Items $25.00 each
  2. Car Tire  $5.00 each
  3. Truck Tire  $10.00 each
  4. Tractor Tire $15.00 each

Items NOT accepted at this location are large quantities (more than a truck or trailer full) of construction, remodeling or demolition trash; fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts; large quantities of soil, stone, concrete; any electronics (TV’s, game consoles, etc), motor vehicles and boats, household recycling or large quantities (more than a truck or trailer full) of move out debris.  Bulky household items may also be taken to the Waste Management Center (920-923-8825); tipping fees will apply for bulky items. Excess household recycling items that do no fit into your green and gold recycling cart can be dropped off at Waste Management free of charge. 

Hours of Operation for 490 Doty Street Bulky Waste Drop Off :

    • Summer Hours (April 1 – November 30)
      Monday           9:00 to 3:15
      Tuesday           Closed
      Wednesday     10:00 to 6:00
      Thursday         9:00 to 3:15
      Friday               9:00 to 3:15
      Saturday          8:00 to Noon
    • Winter Hours (December 1 – March 31)
      Monday           9:00 to 3:15
      Tuesday           Closed
      Wednesday     9:00 to 3:15
      Thursday         Closed
      Friday               9:00 to 3:15
      Saturday          Closed

Curbside Bulk Household Collection

Curbside bulky waste collection is available throughout the City. City of Fond du Lac residents should call 920-322-3540 to schedule the bulk curbside collection. The charge is $40 per cubic yard with a $40.00 minimum. Additional fees may apply should Freon or tires be included in the curbside collection.

Fees for Unscheduled Bulk Collection

Associated fees will be invoiced to the property owner if the City collects the non-complying bulk items set out at the curb. The City reminds residents not to place personal property on or near the terrace as it may be collected and invoiced to the property owner.

PSA – Bulky Waste Summer 2020