General Information

Each fall the City’s Public Works Crew collect leaves from the terraces. The crews work in a clockwise manor working their way around the city collecting leaves raked into piles on residents terraces.  The front line loader brooms the leaves off the terrace and the leaf equipment collects the leaves into a truck. There is little manual raking done by the crews until the time comes for the last pass. Then the crews try to clean up as best they can.

Leaf Collection Reminders

  • Residents are reminded that raking leaves into the street increases pollution of storm water AND IS SUBJECT TO A MUNICIPAL CITATION.
  • Raking leaves into the street may cause flooding by blocking drainage structures and most importantly, piles of leaves in the street are a dangerous attraction to young children
  • Bagged material or co-mingled material will not be picked up
  • Leaves and vegetation should be placed out to the curb in separate piles and should not be co-mingled
  • Please refrain from piling yard waste next to trees, poles, mailboxes or other obstructions as this slows down the crews and may cause damage to equipment or the obstruction