General Information

Each fall the City’s Public Works Crew collect leaves from the terraces. The crews work in a clockwise manor working their way around the city collecting leaves raked into piles on resident’s terraces.  For collection purposes, Main Street divides the city into east and west halves, and Western Avenue and Fourth Street divides the city into north and south halves.  The front line loader brooms the leaves off the terrace and the leaf equipment collects the leaves into a truck. There is little manual raking done by the crews until the time comes for the last pass. Then the crews try to clean up as best they can.

As an alternative to the collection, residents may haul their leaves to the City’s yard waste drop off site located on the north side of the Municipal Service Center located at 530 Doty Street.  Bags must be emptied and disposed of properly at the site.

Leaf Collection Reminders

  • Leaves should be raked in rows next to the curb for collection by City crews.
  • As are REMINDER City Code prohibits leaves and other materials to be placed in the street or sidewalks.
  • City crews will not pick up leaves in plastic bags.
  • Park vehicles and garbage carts away from leaf windrows.
  • Your garbage cart is for garbage only. Do not place leaves inside the automated garbage collection carts.
  • Cut garden material such as vines and corn stalks into lengths of one foot or less.
  • Fruit and vegetables (such as apples or pumpkins) will not be collected. These should be disposed of at the City’s yard waste drop off site on Doty Street.

A Green Alternative: Leave ’em Lay:

As an alternative to raking leaves to the curb, residents are encouraged to try mulching up moderate amounts of leaves with a lawnmower. This can be done during normal lawn mowing. Just don’t allow the leaves to mat and make sure that ample grass shows through them. This will save you work and time, add nutrients to your lawn, reduce windblown leaves in your neighborhood and reduce the amount of labor and fuel the City needs to use for leaf collection. If you really like to rake, composting your leaves in a backyard garden is another alternative which will provide you with useful organic material next year.