Important Notice- For Online Bill Pay Customers Only 

Launch Date of New Online Bill Pay System Was Completed on Friday May 28, 2021

The Fond du Lac Water Utility has transitioned to a new bill pay platform called InvoiceCloud.

The current platform of Click2Gov is inoperable as of 5/28/21 and customers should begin using InvoiceCloud.

Due to new security features and in an effort to keep your personal data safe, customers using our previous platform, Click2Gov, will need to re-register to use InvoiceCloud. This is especially important for customers using the automatic bill pay feature utilizing a credit or debit card, as credit card and automatic bill pay settings were not transferred.


  • This notice is for online bill pay customers only utilizing the City of Fond du Lac’s Website.
  • If your Auto payment method is set up through your financial institution, you are not affected.
  • ACH auto payments methods will not be effected, only auto pays set us with credit or debit card must re-enroll in AutoPay.
  • Payments in the form of Check, Cash, Credit Card will still be accepted and processed by staff at City Payments in person at 160 S Macy Street or mail checks to PO Box 830 Fond du Lac 53936-0830.

All questions or assistance can be directed to the Fond du Lac Water Utility or (920) 322-3680

Access InvoiceCloud Here


New for 2021: Pool Fill Credit Requests 

If you are filling a pool and want to be exempt from sewer charges for the units of water used, water customers must submit their meter reading from Start of Fill to End of Fill via the Water Utility’s website.

Pool Fill Form are located under Customer Service on the Home Page.

How to Find Your Water Meter Reading

*Water Meters are generally located in the basement of most properties. If the property has no basement, check for a crawl space, utility closet, or under 1st floor kitchen sink area.    Numbers in White are digits before decimal point

*Example as shown in picture-Meter Reading is 1159.50

Note: Form must be completed in its entirety, only one (1) fill is allowed to be reported per season, & customers must be current on water bills to be eligible to receive credit.


Winners have been selected for the Fond du Lac Water Utility

2021 Drinking Water Week Poster Contest

3 Winners were selected from the following Elementary School Grades: 4k-1st Grade, 2nd- 3rd Grade, & 4th-5th Grade

Prize Pack Includes: Water Week Tshirt, Water Bottle, Gillies Gift Card, & Odyssey Movie Theatre Gift Card

We thank all the Children that participated in our 1st Drinking Water Week Poster Contest!


Need Assistance: Utility Staff can be reach via phone or email:

Mon-Fri 7:00 am- 3:30 pm

Phone: (920) 322-3680 | Email:

If you are requesting to cancel or start water service at a location, please select Customer Service in the left hand column to access the Water Service Application Form that can be emailed or mailed back to Utility Staff for processing. Applications are required for all changes to a water accounts and to establish a new water service

How to Make Your Water Payments 

Via Phone: City Payments (920) 322-3460 | Monday-Friday 8:00a – 4:30p (convenience fees applies)

Online: InvoiceCloud

In Person at: City/County Government Center: 160 S. Macy St, Fond du Lac | Monday-Friday 8:00a – 4:30p

By Mail: Payable to City of Fond du Lac   PO Box 830 Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0830

Onsite Drop Box: City/County Government Center Located at 160 S. Macy St

Boxed located at Main Entrance, Lot 19, or Lot 22 (Payments deposited after 1:30 p.m. will be processed the next business day)


Fond du Lac Water Utility has extended it Toilet Rebate Program for 2021!!!!

Earn up to $100 rebate towards the purchase of a new 1.28 gallons per flush toilet.

-Replacing a toilet flushing at 3.5 gpf or higher, with a 1.28 gpf toilet (1.6 gpf toilets do not qualify)

-Participants must be a residential customer of the Fond du Lac Water Utility.

-1 rebate, for 1 toilet, per household or apartment unit.

-Rebate can be in the form of a check or credit to next water bill.

For more details and to print off a rebate form visit Conservation on our website.

Flushing Guidance

Fond du Lac Water Utility is advising businesses and other water customers about the importance of following procedures when reopening a location where water has been stagnant in pipes.

Plumbing systems that were inactive for an extended period, such as during the shutdown for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, can pose a health risk. Water that has not been circulated can create a potential for pathogen growth because the disinfectant in the water will dissipates over time. This stagnant water can allow disease causing pathogens to grow within the water pipes.

As some businesses start re-opening, it is recommended to follow the listed steps to maintain water quality. The purpose of building flushing is to replace ALL water inside building piping with fresh water, not just drinking water.

  • Flush hot and cold water through all points of use (e.g. showers, sink faucets, appliances, icemakers, hot water heaters, drinking fountains, etc.)
    • Flush cold water lines before hot water lines.
    • Flushing may need to occur in segments, depending on size of individual rooms or if a building contains multiple floors.
    • Flushing should start at the lowest level, the one nearest to the building’s water supply.
    • Replace all point-of-use filters, including filters in refrigerators.

More information can be found at the following links:

EPA Guidance

AWWA Resources


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The City of Fond du Lac's Water Utility is a municipally owned and operated utility providing water service to residents and businesses. Policies and rates are set by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC). The City of Fond du Lac has over 200 miles of water main with almost 15,000 service connections providing water to residents and businesses throughout the City.