Hydrant Meter for Bulk Water Use

Hydrant meters are available for rent when access to large quantities of potable water from the Fond du Lac Water Utility water distribution system is needed for construction, landscaping, tank filling, or other uses as approved by the Fond du Lac Water Utility.

Customers must submit the signed rental agreement to fdlwater@fdl.wi.gov for review. Hydrant meters are provided by appointment scheduled with the Utilities’’ representative at least one (1) business day in advance of desired date and issued for work/use within the City of Fond du Lac

Customer bears all risk of loss or damage and is responsible for all replacement/repair costs.

Customer must identify the location of hydrant meter use. Usage location must be within the Fond du Lac city limits.

A Service charge of $50.00 and a charge for the volume of water used shall be billed to the party using the water. The volumetric charge shall be calculated using the highest volumetric rate for residential customers under Schedule Mg-1. In addition, for meters that are assigned to bulk water customers for more than 7 days, the applicable service charge in Schedule Mg-1 will apply after the first 7 days.

Equipment Rental Agreement