Meeting Agendas/Minutes

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The Committee’s Charge

The City Council created the Downtown Exploratory Committee (DEC) to function in an advisory capacity to the Council regarding improvements for the downtown of Fond du Lac and to present recommendations for improvements to the Council.

The DEC shall explore, study and investigate all aspects of potential improvements to the Downtown. Its scope of study is intentionally broad, encompassing all forms of building, park and public space occupancy and all forms of activity, including, but not limited to: public events, public/private ownership and potential commercial development. The DEC will present a written report to the City Council that encompasses its recommendations, the expected outcomes of implementing those expectations and its rationale for the recommendations it makes. Simply put, the committee’s report must answer this question:

How can the Downtown of Fond du Lac be better?

DEC Resources

Substantial effort and resources have been committed to the Downtown over the years and during that time, many lessons learned. Consider familiarizing yourself with the information associated with those efforts. Here are just a few examples of resources to assist your research: