Parking Ticket Information

If you would like to pay online with a debit or credit card, please visit

To pay in person, please visit City Payments (cash, money order or check) at 160 South Macy Street

Payments can be mailed with the ticket to City Payments at PO Box 150 Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0150

If you have questions regarding payments, please call 920-322-3460.

Appealing a Parking Ticket

Ticket appeals are not accepted over the phone. Appeals must be submitted online at

If you are unable to submit an appeal online, you may either email or send a letter to City of Fond du Lac, 160 S Macy St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935. Please include the citation number and license plate number.

Points to Remember When Selling A Vehicle

One of the most common appeals is that the vehicle was sold to another person. Until appropriate title/ownership is completed, you may receive delinquent parking ticket notices. Avoid this by following the recommendations from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.

Never leave the license plates on an auto or light truck (8,000 pounds or under) when selling or junking the vehicle.

You should destroy them (cut them up) if you are not going to use them on another vehicle. They can’t be used by someone else. Do not return the plates to DMV. If you have left the plates on your vehicle and are concerned, you can download and complete a License Plates Cancellation Application form MV2514 (Spanish MV2514).

You may still receive a renewal notice when the license plates expire. You can disregard the notice unless you transferred the plates to another vehicle.

The Wisconsin Certificate of Title is an important document that indicates ownership of the vehicle. When you sell the vehicle, fill out all of the information requested on the title (e.g., odometer statement, brand disclosure, etc.) and sign the title as the seller, and have the buyer sign as well. The buyer will then submit the title (original, not a photocopy) to WisDOT along with an application for registration/title to get a title in their name.

Complete seller notification if you sold (or gave) the vehicle to another individual. We recommend that you keep a record of the sale. Instructions for selling a vehicle MV2928 (Spanish MV2928) are provided for your convenience. This form is not a valid bill of sale for a motor vehicle. You may keep a copy with your records, and make a copy for the buyer as documentation of the sale.

From the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles