Property Tax Exemption

Property Tax Exemption Request

Owners of real estate and/or business personal property who want to request an exemption from property taxes under WI Stats. 70.11 must file a completed Property Tax Exemption Report form (PR-230) with the City Assessor on or before March 1 of the associated assessment year of the request. Request forms received and/or post marked after March 1 will have their requests denied for that given year, but may be resubmitted for consideration for the subsequent year. These forms are available at the City Assessor’s Office and can also be found on the Department of Revenue’s website at:

Property Tax Exemption Report

Owners of real estate property granted an exemption request and listed as “Exempt Other” on the annual Assessment Roll under WI Stats. 70.11 must file the Property Tax Exemption Report form (PC-220) with the City Clerk on a biennial basis on or before March 31 during each even numbered year. These forms will be mailed to property owners for said biennial filings, but can also be found on the Department of Revenue’s website at:

Business Personal Property

Statement of Personal Property Form

Sec. 70.34, Wis. Stats., requires that “All articles of personal property shall, as far as practicable, be valued by the assessor upon actual view at their true cash value.” The term “personal property” as defined in sec. 70.04, Wis. Stats., includes all goods, wares, merchandise, chattels, and effects, of any nature or description, having any real or marketable value, and not included in the term “real property.”
Sec. 70.30, Wis. Stats., states that “Every assessor shall ascertain and set down in separate columns prepared for that purpose on the assessment roll and opposite to the names of all persons assessed for personal property the number and value of the… items of personal property assessed to such person, which shall constitute the assessed valuation of the several items of property therein described…” The items of personal property with which the assessor must be concerned are:

  • The number and value of steam and other vessels (boats and watercraft).
  • The value of machinery, tools, and patterns.
  • The value of furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
  • The value of all other personal property except such as is exempt from taxation.

This form is mailed to business owners, pre-filled, each year, but can also be found on the Department of Revenue’s website at: