Are you looking for detailed property record information on a particular parcel in the City of Fond du Lac? You can get summary information on a property by clicking on the following link to go to for more detailed property listing data on the specific attributes of a property. Searches can be conducted by either parcel # or street address. This site also includes access to similar information for several other municipalities that use the Market Drive assessment software throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Request For Property Review

Property owners who wish to have the Assessor’s Office review their assessed value or property assessment records for a given year must contact the Assessor’s Office by January 31 of the associated year to request such a review. (Requests for review received after this January 31 date will be considered for the subsequent year as the condition or attributes of a property as of January 1 are difficult to document or ascertain after this date.) This review could consist of an In-Office Review of the current property record listings, a review of other owner-submitted concerns and/or documents or an On-Site Inspection to verify property attributes as they existed as of January 1. Request For Property Review forms are available in the City Assessor’s Office or can be downloaded below.


Guide for Property Owners

Do you have questions about how the assessment functions and processes work in the state of Wisconsin? The Department of Revenue has created a “Guide for Property Owners” that is available at: