Important Dates

January 1 – Annual Assessment Lien Date

All property assessments are made as of January 1 each year.

January 31 – Request For Property Review

Property owner who wish to have the Assessor Office review their assessed value or property assessment records for a given year must submit their Request For Property Review Form by January 31.

March 1 – Property Tax Exemption Request Deadline

Those parcel owners seeking an exemption from property taxes under Wisconsin Statute s. 70.11 must submit a Property Tax Exemption Request form (PR-230) on or before March 1 during the year for which they are seeking the exemption.

March 1 – Annual Statement of Personal Property Due

All persons or entities conducting a business activity in the state of Wisconsin are required to file an annual “Statement of Personal Property” (form PA-003) with the municipal assessor on or before March 1. The business owner as of January 1 of each year will be responsible for the Personal Property Tax billed in December of that year, even if the business closed or was sold after January 1.

April (mid) – Assessment Change Notices

Assessment change notices are mailed at least 15 days (30 days in revaluation years) prior to the Board of Review meetings in May.

April (late) – Annual Open Book Session

Property owners and interested parties can inspect and ask questions about the newly published annual assessment roll.

May (mid) – Annual Board of Review

The Board of Review date is generally scheduled mid to late May.

November – Budgets Passed

Budgets are debated and passed by taxing authorities. Once passed the final mill (tax) rate for the upcoming real estate tax bills is determined.

December (mid-late) – Property Tax Bills

Tax bills are calculated and mailed to property owners on or before the 3rd Monday in December.