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Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee

Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee2019-01-14T22:59:02-06:00

The Committee’s Vision for Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park: a premier destination that reflects the pride of Fond du Lac yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and serves as a gathering place that provides a myriad of opportunities to improve the quality of life of visitors both locally and beyond.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

To review meeting agendas and/or minutes, please click on “calendar” above. Agendas and Minutes are attached to the event on the date it occurred.

Park Utilization Case Studies

Lake Como Pavilion

Summary: Minneapolis transformed their parks from city run concessions that were losing money to public-private partnership eateries that bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue for the city. It has been somewhat of a trial and error as not all partnerships have worked as planned.

Portland Public/Private Agreements 1

Portland Public/Private Agreements 2

Summary: The two links above detail Portland, Oregon’s procedure on public-private partnerships in their parks.