The Law

Every cat and dog, 5 months of age or older, shall obtain a license within 30 days and must wear a current Fond du Lac County animal license tag.

Fulfilling Your Responsibilities

Purchase an animal license tag in person and receive your animal tag immediately at:

City Payments – City/County Government Center
160 S. Macy St. – First Floor

or mail your payment (with self addressed stamped envelope) and receive your animal license tag within 7-10 days to:
City of Fond du Lac – City Payments
P.O. Box 150
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0150

To purchase an animal license tag, submit:

  1. The animal’s current rabies vaccination certificate, certified by a licensed veterinarian. The certificate must show the date the next rabies immunization is due.
  2. Written proof of your pet’s spaying or neutering, if applicable. (If submitted previously, do not resubmit).
  3. The correct license fee. Make checks payable to the “City of Fond du Lac”.

Animal License Fee for Dogs and Cats

Neutered/Spayed Pet: $ 10.00
Non-Neutered/Non-Spayed: $ 20.00
$10.00 penalty is due, if paid after March 31
Renew the animal license tag each year. It is valid for 1 calendar year – from January 1 through December 31

If you have 3 or 4 pets per household, a multiple pet license is required at a charge of $35, in addition to the individual pet license fees shown above. Please register in person for your multiple pet licenses.

For pet licensing information contact:

City of Fond du Lac – City Payments: 920-322-3460

Pet License Application