Utility Assistance Programs

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), Division of Energy Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR), is introducing the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).  LIHWAP is designed to provide direct financial assistance to reduce arrearages charged to eligible drinking water and wastewater utility customers.

Households eligible for LIHWAP will be required to first complete a Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) application.  The federal Health and Human Services agency recently approved Wisconsin’s implementation plan.  Energy Services Inc. (ESI) is the agency responsible for administration of LIHWAP benefits in the State of Wisconsin, and the agency expects disbursements for water bill assistance to begin in September 2021.  ESI will disburse an amount on a one-time basis to the utility, which will be responsible for applying the assistance to an eligible customer’s bill.

Customers interested in applying for LIHWAP or seeking more information should contact

Energy Services at (800) 506-5596. Customers may also go online to complete a WHEAP application at https://energybenefit.wi.gov/

Wisconsin Help for Homeowners (WHH)

Wisconsin Help for Homeowners is a new statewide program than can help with overdue bills like mortgage payments, property taxes and utilities.  This program is open to homeowners in Wisconsin with overdue housing-related bills who meet income and other eligibility requirements and have experienced a qualified economic hardship since January 21, 2020

Application portal is available via https://doa.wi.gov/Pages/LocalGovtsGrants/Homeowner-Assistance.aspx  

Get additional information about how to apply by calling (855)-246-6394

St. Vincent de Paul Fond du Lac County

Need assistance with utility’s call (920) 922-3650

Note: A completed Consent to Disclose Utility Customer Information must be on file with the utilty before account information can be release to a Third Party.