Sewer credits may be considered for excess water usage resulting from usage of water that occurred outside the building and did not enter into the sanitary sewer system.  Credits, limit one per season,  may be issued for swimming pool fills, ice skating rinks, and new lawn establishment .

In order to be exempt from variable sewer charges on the water used, please document the date range of water usage and take the beginning and end water meter readings. The City and Utility reserves the right to deny any request that it deems did not meet the applicability criteria listed above. Customers must be current on their water bills at time of credit request submittal to be eligible for a sewer credit. Sewer credits must be greater than $5 to be processed and will be applied to the customer’s water account. 

Note: Water meters are located primarily in basements or crawl spaces. If the property does not have a space under the residence please look for the meter in an utility closet, or under a kitchen sink.

Please reference the policy below for additional information.