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Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste2019-09-16T11:43:40-06:00

Hazardous Waste Not Collected

The City of Fond du Lac does NOT collect any type of hazardous waste. Please contact the Waste Management Facility (920) 923-8825 for fees and proper handling and disposal of such material.

  • Paint, gasoline, paint thinners, solvents
  • Acids, bases, cleaning products
  • Pool chemicals, pesticides
  • Fluorescent lights, ballast, computers & electronics, cooking oil, antifreeze, batteries
  • Medical and infectious trash (i.e., needles, pharmaceutical materials)

The only hazardous waste the City will accept at this time is oil, which can be brought to 490 Doty St and dumped free of charge in the bulky yard. Please see attendant for assistance.

The City will be partnering with Veolia Environmental Services to plan an annual drop off for City residents.  Look for public service announcements for the date in Fall each year for the date and time or call 920-322-3540 for more information.