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    City Council Meeting
    6:00 PM

    • City Council Meeting
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Location: City County Government Center- Legislative Chambers



  • 14

    Police and Fire Commission
    4:00 PM

    • Police and Fire Commission
    Time: 4:00 PM
    Location: 160 S Macy Street--City Manager's Conference Room



  • 15

    FDL Earth Week - Cleanup

    • FDL Earth Week - Cleanup
    Location: City of Fond du Lac

    The City of Fond du Lac is partnering up with local businesses and organizations to celebrate Earth Week by cleaning up Fond du Lac. Several activities have already been planned by local organizations, and residents are encouraged to join them. Residents can also gather a group together, pick up neighborhood trash, and the City will collect the trash bags (call 322-3544). Listed below is the Calendar of Events for Earth Week Fond du Lac.

    Please select the Agenda link below to view list of calendar events.

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  • You can now view crime reports for the city of Fond du Lac. Click on the Crime Reports link at the left and you will be able to view reports for your area.
    Click here to learn more.

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