Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control Operations are considered emergency in nature as a public safety event. The Department of Public Works coordinates and performs the snow and ice control for the City of Fond du Lac. Residents should pay close attention to local media for information on snow emergencies. Notices are sent to local news media outlets.

Snow and Ice Control FAQ’s

  • The City of Fond du Lac has approximately 170 miles of streets, city-maintained public alleys, miles of public walkways, and bridges to maintain. During a full snow plow operation, the City is divided into several snow plow routes and utilizing over 75 pieces of snow removal equipment
  • Crews use a salt brine to pre-treat primary roads prior to a snow event. The liquid chemicals will leave the roadways with white or brown lines as residue. The combination of these chemicals makes for a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost effective road treatment compared to using pure rock salt.
  • In the event snow is predicted, if possible please remove your vehicles from the street so that the City’s snow crews can clear the roadways. This action will better serve the residents because:
    • Plows will be able to clear streets during the plow operation and not have to return to re-plow.
    • Plows will leave a windrow of snow around parked cars.  Snow windrows may be too high to allow vehicles to easily move out of on-street parking locations.
  • Please allow space between your vehicle and City Vehicles.  State Law requires a following distance of no less than 200 feet. In snow plow vehicles, there are many blind spots. Please reduce your speeds to aid in roadway safety.
  • Depositing of snow/ice into the City right-of-way including into the street is strictly prohibited.

Mailbox Damage – Plowing Operations

City crews may accidentally damage a mailbox when they are plowing. If your mailbox is damaged, please call our office to report the damage and your claim will be investigated. If the City’s snow plow was at fault and your mailbox was compliant with the postal regulations, City crews will repair or replace your mailbox and/or post, with a standard wooden post and mailbox according to postal regulations. Please note that dependent upon the amount/type of damage, permanent repair may be delayed until the ground thaws in the spring but temporary repairs will be made during winter months.

IF the damage to the mailbox was caused by the volume or weight of the snow, the City will not repair the mailbox.

Curb and Terrace Damage – Plowing Operations

Every winter, the Department unavoidably causes some damage to curbs and terrace areas through our snow plowing efforts. Each spring, the department repairs terrace damage caused by City plows with top soil and seed. If you have damage to report from a snowplow, please call our office to report the damage (920) 322-3540. The claim will be investigated and logged for repair. Terrace repairs are completed in late spring for best results.