General Information

The City of Fond du Lac manages an estimated 5,000 street lights throughout the City. Street lights throughout the City are located on metal poles or wooden poles and are managed differently.

Street Lights

Street lights located on metals are replaced and maintained by the Electrical Division at the City. Street lights on wooden poles are replaced and maintained by Alliant Energy.

If a street light is not working, intermittent, or flickering, please notify the City for a steel pole outage at 322-3540, or Alliant Energy for a wood pole outage. Alliant’s wooden poles may be reported on line at or by calling Alliant Energy at 1-800-862-6222. The more information you provide, the faster we can identify and fix the problem.

Traffic Signals

If a traffic signal is not working or does not revert to a flashing mode as designed, please call 920-322-3540.

Anyone observing a light or traffic signal being struck please call 911.