General Information

This addresses issues within the public right-of-way: potholes, joint sealing, repair of utility cuts, street sweeping, curb and gutter repairs, storm sewer catch basin repairs, sanitary sewer lateral and main repairs, leaf collection, installation of snow fence, weed and grass control, snow removal and operation of the yard waste facility.

Asphalt Repairs

The purpose of maintenance and repair of asphalt pavements is to extend the useful life of the pavement, maintain a smooth riding surface, and prevent water from entering the underlying soil. The most typical repairs in the City occur from water main breaks and utility construction.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing assists in prolonging the life of paved roads and is a preventive measure. Cracks in the street are cleaned of debris and filled with a sealer. Sealing cracks prevents surface water from penetrating into the pavement foundation and the spread of cracks in the pavement.


Potholes are all too common in Wisconsin. Cycles of freezing and thawing and moisture erode the road base which creates pavement stress. Stressed pavement and traffic combine to cause potholes. As weather allows, the city has a crew of employees filling and maintaining various potholes throughout the city.

Street Sweeping

There are over a hundred miles of streets in Fond du Lac. The street sweeper is responsible for sweeping every one of those lane miles. The street sweepers collect tons of debris such as particulates, oil and solvents from vehicles, lawn chemicals, phosphorous from leaves and litter. If this material is not collected, it will get washed into our storm sewers and make its way into our lakes and streams.

As soon as weather permits, the street sweeper begins sweeping the streets. This program is designed to clean up all the debris that accumulates on our streets and is required to meet State and Federal regulations.