The City of Fond du Lac encourages their employees to increase their education and qualifications to perform their job and prepare for advancement in their service to the City. There must be a personal commitment and investment from the employee to show they are willing to retain knowledge and obtain skills they would be gaining from this extra education. If an employee is interested in educational assistance, they should discuss it with their supervisor and will be led in the right direction.

Marian University Partnership: The City has a partnership with Marian University that offers a tuition discount to adult and graduate tuition rates, excluding workshop sessions included in the Institute of Professional Development. It is extended to employees who enroll as certificate or degree-seeking students. Please reach out to Jackie Braatz (920-322-3624) or Christine at Marian (920-923-8148) for further information.


Employees who are eligible for educational assistance must enter into an agreement with the City covering terms and conditions for receiving education assistance. The City reserves the right to determine appropriate terms and conditions for an employee to receive assistance.

Tuition Reimbursement

The City will reimburse an employee, with which they have formed an agreement. It is the employee’s responsibility to provide proof of completion of the course and the grade earned.

If the employee would leave employment with the City of Fond du Lac within three years, the tuition reimbursement would need to be repaid to the City of Fond du Lac.

The time frame begins at the conclusion of the first semester when the grade is provided to the City. If the City lays off (no cause), no payback is required. If the termination is for cause, the City will require payback on a prorated amount spent to date.