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Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems2019-01-23T20:22:57-05:00

The topography of the City of Fond du Lac is primarily flat which can cause drainage issues throughout many neighborhoods. You, as a property owner are responsible for the maintenance of the drainage on your property.

If you live in a subdivision that was developed after 1974 chances are the subdivision has a Master Drainage Plan associated with the subdivision. A Master Drainage plan is a tool used by landscape professionals to properly grade a lot after it has been improved. All lots properly graded together will allow surface water to flow to underground utilities and ditches. Unfortunately over time erosion, trees, landscaping, swingsets, fill, etc. can sometimes disrupt the proper flow of water. Look around and see if maybe this is happening in your neighborhood. City ordinance also states that owners and successive owners are responsible for maintaining their lots to ensure for proper drainage. If standing water persists for more than 4 or 5 days and you live in a subdivision built prior to 1974 you could consult with the City Engineering Division to see what help might be available for you, keeping in mind the property owner is responsible for any maintenance that might correct the drainage issue.

Property owners are not able to add fill to their yard without a fill permit. Some circumstances may require a drainage plan to be drawn up by a professional Land Surveyor, Engineer, or Architect. Permits are obtained through the City Inspection Dept. located at the City/County Government Building.

City ordinance states a sump pump hose end cannot drain closer than 8′ to property lines and roof gutter drain ends cannot be closer than 4′ to property lines. If a violation is occurring a property owner can contact the City Plumbing Inspector at 920-322-3574.

Rain Gardens are also becoming a popular way to deal with drainage problems. They are attractive and “green”.