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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management2019-11-12T16:16:44-06:00

General Overview

The City of Fond du Lac owns and operates a storm sewer system that discharges to the lakes, rivers and creeks in the city. Water from rainfall and snowmelt off of streets, parking lots, roof tops and lawns flows to inlets which convey the runoff to waterways without treatment at the wastewater treatment plant. Pollutants in storm water runoff include: sediment, organic materials, metals, bacteria, pesticides, fertilizer and other substances.

Erosion Control

Construction sites are a major contributor of sediment and other pollutants to waterways. Most construction sites within the City of Fond du Lac are required to install measures designed to limit the amount of sediment leaving construction sites. The ordinance and permit requirements can be found below. To report a problem at a construction site, contact the City of Fond du Lac Engineering Division at (920) 322-3470.

Illicit Discharge

The dumping of car fluids, grass, pet waste, carpet cleaning wash water, power washing water or other non-storm water material into the storm sewer drains is illegal per City of Fond du Lac ordinance and is called an “illicit discharge.” To report an illicit discharge, contact the City of Fond du Lac Engineering Division at (920) 322-3470.

Adopt-A-Storm Drain Program

What is Adopt-A-Storm Drain?

The Department of Public Works is reaching out to residents, service groups, businesses, and the community to Adopt – A – Storm Drain. We are asking the community to help assist in keeping storm inlets clear of debris and obstructions by completing simple tasks.

  1. Inspect & Remove Debris: The grates of the inlets can become clogged with debris, leaves, and grass clippings. Regularly inspect the grate and gutter and remove any debris.
  2. Report Maintenance Issues: Report significant damage or debris under the grate to Engineering at 920-322-3470.
  3. Report Unlawful Dumping: Report any unlawful dumping of chemicals or sewer waste into the drain.