Garth Schumacher
Garth SchumacherAssistant Chief of EMS
Contact Information:
Office: (920) 322-3839
Cell: (920) 579-8523

The city of Fond du Lac Fire Rescue Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division is overseen by the Assistant Chief of EMS and is responsible for providing high quality EMS that treats and transports patients at the advanced life support (ALS) level.  This division of the agency serves the community by providing 911 emergency responses along with emergent and non-emergent interfacility transfers.  The division operates three primary ambulances that are staffed with two EMT-Paramedics each shift.  There are two ambulances used as reserve units and are staffed when primary units are out of service for maintenance or long distance interfacility transfers.  Engine companies are stocked with BLS and ALS equipment and staffed with both ALS and BLS personnel.  The role of an engine company is providing first response EMS along with scene and medical support for critical patients.

All shift personnel are trained EMS providers and required to maintain State of Wisconsin certification.  This certification is maintained by participation in monthly EMS training.  Both EMT-Bs and EMT-Ps are required to maintain a minimum level of continuing education hours and certifications.  EMT-Bs must have at least 30 hours along with Basic Life Support (BLS) certification every two years.  EMT-Ps must have at least 48 hours along with Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) every two years.

Medical direction is provided by St. Agnes Hospital Emergency agency and detailed in protocols that provide our personnel guidelines and approval to perform specific procedures and administer medications while on scene with patients or enroute to the hospital.  Online medical direction is also available by an emergency department physician at all times.