Are you a high-school student interested in a career in
Fire and/or EMS?
Join the Fond du Lac Fire Rescue Explorer Post 9649!

Hands on Training
The main goal of exploring is to provide young adults an experience to closely replicate what the job of being a firefighter and a paramedic is like. Explorers meet twice monthly to learn and practice skills. They are issued firefighting gear, and get regular practice using the tools and techniques of the fire service. From stretching hoselines to using a defibrillator, explorers receive valuable training.

Skills for Life
Throughout the program, explorers are lead by an experienced group of Fond du Lac Fire Rescue firefighter/paramedics. The advisors are there to provide the best training possible, but also to provide career, academic, and life advice. Many of our advisors were once explorers too. While not every explorer chooses a career in Fire/EMS, the ones that do are well prepared for the next step after graduating high school. Those that choose other careers still gain valuable experience that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Who are the explorers?
The Fond du Lac Fire Rescue Explorers are young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 who are interested in careers in the fire service.

What do the explorers do?
Generally, the explorers meet twice per month. Sometimes, there is a special event at the fire department that explorers will will be able to participate in, such as Fire Prevention Week Open House or the EMS Open House.

Training topics regularly include: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA); Hoselines; Ladders and ventilation; First aid and CPR; Fire extinguishers; Forcible entry; Ropes and knots; Special Operations (HAZMAT, Technical Rescue).

Where do explorers go after the program?
Not all explorers continue down the path of Fire and EMS, but those that do find they have been well prepared for the next level. Now, high schoolers can begin their college coursework early, so many explorers graduate high school already certified as firefighters and/or EMTs.

Interested in joining?
Requirements:  14 years old and completed 8th grade up to 20 years old, a resident of Fond du Lac County, and enrolled in school at the high school level or higher education.  Explorers must maintain a minimum 2.0 (“C”) grade point average to remain eligible for the program.  Applicant must display good conduct at all times and be of high moral character.

Exploring is a Scouts of America affiliated program. Registration costs $45 annually. Please notify the Advisor or Executive Director if there is a financial hardship.

Contacts –
Lieutenant Keith Wendt

Executive Director:
Fire Chief Erick Gerritson

Please find following the Fond du Lac Fire Rescue Explorer Program Manual >  Manual_Fond du Lac Fire Explorer

For more information regarding the National Exploring Program please click here.