Help the Fire Department and Adopt a Fire Hydrant

In the event of a fire emergency, could firefighters find the fire hydrant near your home?

Snowstorms can cause plenty of traffic headaches, but Fond du Lac’s firefighters want people to be aware of a secondary problem that may develop.

When you are working with a shovel or a plow, please pay attention to where you’re putting your mounds of snow.  Too many times these piles can end up on top of a fire hydrant making it difficult or near impossible for firefighters to find.  Please make it a point to uncover your fire hydrant after each and every snowfall.  Clear a path approximately 3 feet around the hydrant and shovel a path from the street or roadway up to the fire hydrant.  These actions will allow the Fire Department to quickly locate the hydrant, obtain a water supply for firefighting activities, and give the fire department room to work with this hydrant should the need arise.

Please consider helping a neighbor with a medical condition or who is elderly, by shoveling out a hydrant in front of their home.  This act of kindness will benefit the entire neighborhood.

If a fire hydrant is buried by snow, it is difficulty to find and valuable time must be spent digging it out.  It may take from 4 to 6 minutes to dig out a fire hydrant buried by snow.  These extra minutes could truly make the difference between life and death.  Please dig them out if they are buried.

On behalf of the entire Fond du Lac Fire Department, thank you for keeping the Fond du Lac community’s fire hydrants clear of snow and keeping our community safe!!